Why should I “privatize” my usage of the inter…

I’m still on the fence about this. Why should I do it?

Deleting WhatsApp

Deleting WhatsApp:I have deleted facebook, tinder and instagram so far that belong to facebook other than that I have stopped using gmail, hotmail and paypal.As u/ltc- said fuck paypal for keeping funds and deciding what happens since I last used it a user has opened a dispute about some thing I sold to them it was closed by paypal in my favour and I’m grateful for that although it could just be because I deleted my paypal account reordered a debit card and closed the bank account that was linked to it just to be safe. I have stopped using snapchatFrom what I understand WhatsApp is an account you make associated with your phone number so if i were to simple delete the app from my phone the data wouldn’t go with it it would still be there whether I backed it up to iCloud or not.As i am an EU citizen, by law they’re not allowed to do anything that doesn’t obey the GDPR law but that hasn’t stopped them. They’re willing to pay the fine.What I want to know is how i can make sure I have deleted everything and they can’t sell it for financial gains and if that’s not possible I’d like to make it as hard as I can for them.WhatsApp is currently taking up 4.22GB of my phone storage and since I’m trying to declutter and detox from social media. I no longer feel the urge to need or want social acceptance with people I don’t talk to or socialise irl if it’s worth saying it’s worth saying in person. I want to be me and do it for me.I requested a report of my WhatsApp account when I received it; it said that I hadn’t opted out of data sharing nor does it state the registration info such as:Platform – Network – Network name – Device – Registration time – So even if I delete my account then delete the app is it gone for good or am I just preventing them from hoarding more data?

Password managers

Hi, guys!I hope it’s okey to ask this here: I want to start using password managers. Which one and how should I use it on multiple PC’s/phones? In exemple, if I am at a random machine that I never used yet, then how will I know my password/how can I use the password manager safely? I need a passw. manager which is free (for any number of passwords) and it can generate random and strong passwords automatically.And how do I know that they won’t misuse my data, they won’t record my passwords (and they couldn’t even)?Which PM do you guys use?​Thanks for advance!

Smart home device makers hoard your data, but …

Smart home device makers hoard your data, but won’t say if the police come for it:

Smart home device makers hoard your data, but won’t say if the police come for it

Major Centralized Systems are Hacked Multiple …

Major Centralized Systems are Hacked Multiple Times a Year:

Major Centralized Systems are Hacked Multiple Times a Year

Backdoors on SSL Certificates?

Is it possible for an SSL Certificate to be compromised? How can I be sure my SSL Certificates generated by lets encrypt don’t have backdoors for the NSA? Am I better off self signing my own certificates?

Chrome has gone mad, signed me in to their bro…

I rly like chrome as a browser but theres no way I will keep using it after this. What are my options for quality browser after firefox and opera?Thanks

Discord Alternatives?

Are there any good ones?I need something that is secure and private and where me and my friends can shitpost in peace without corporates stealing my stuff. Voice chat is a must.

Are Zotac’s PC safe

Hello everyone I am intrested in getting a ZOTAC ZBOX C Series CI327 as my pfsense router for my small apartment. My question is this hardware secure? I was doing some searching and found that zotac is based in china do you think these device’s come modify with spyware?

I heard Signal isn’t good for privacy…

I’ve been looking for a decent alternative to texting… ideally something with encryption. Snowden recommends Signal but I’ve been reading posts here recommending against it for the following reasons:Developer doesn’t want to release the client on FDroid.Developer requires a phone number for sign-up.The servers are in the US and the entire relay system is centralized.Developer has praised WhatsApp and has worked with big corporations – in fact large corporations help fund the development of Signal itself, leading to potential questions about the motives behind Signal.Signal stores metadata about your conversations.If not Signal, then what other good alternatives are out there?