Any thoughts on Cryptomator and VeraCrypt for DAILY use?

I’m planning to migrate my external disk, which is used almost daily, from BitLocker to another encrypting solution. I like how Cryptomator only encrypts the files separately and if I decide to shrink the partition or do something funky I don’t need to wait a day for the whole disk to be decrypted. I’ve already used Cryptomator for offsite backups. I’m not really familiar with VeraCrypt.

My questions are:

  • Is anyone using Cryptomator daily to encrypt and access encrypted files and what are your thoughts? Is it stable and reliable? Are there any usability issues?

  • If you think VeraCrypt would be a better alternative for my use case, could you please elaborate why and also how it is in terms of stability and usability.

Not sure if this is the correct subreddit to post this, so if you know the right one, please suggest it. I did a search for ‘Cryptomator’ and most posts that talk about it are from here, so I assumed most users are here, hence my post.

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