A few days left before the Senate decides whether to reconfirm FCC Chair Ajit Pai

Only a few days remain before the Senate decides whether or not FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is reconfirmed. You may recall Pai recently celebrated the death of broadband privacy rules that stopped ISPs from selling your personal data to advertisers without your consent.

If they vote yes, Pai will remain in control of the agency and continue on his path to gut our net neutrality rules. And Lord knows what else.

But right now we have a great chance to make Pai’s unpopularity crystal clear. If enough Senators vote against his confirmation, we can show the rest of Congress and the whole country just how controversial his plan to ruin the open Internet is.

The vote is scheduled for Monday, so we don’t have a lot of time:

MESSAGE YOUR SENATORS and demand they vote NO on Pai’s confirmation.

Phone your Senators and tell them to vote against Pai’s confirmation, and his plan to destroy the open web. They need to know that a vote for Pai is a vote against the Internet.

Even if you don’t care about net neutrality specifically, Pai’s track record is abysmal. Since he took the reins at the FCC, he has:

  • Abandoned key privacy protections for Internet users.
  • Made the digital divide worse by blocking low-cost access for families in need.
  • Proposed lowering speeds for what counts as “broadband” Internet.
  • Kept everyone in the dark by refusing to disclose key information and evidence.

In short, we’ve gotta get rid of this guy. Re: NN, it’s clear he rigged this thing in favor of the telecoms from the start, and we gotta push back as much as we can.

For more info, check out this Ars Technica piece, and speak out here.

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