How to deal with companies the enforce “You must use your real name”?

Obviously, I try to avoid such companies. But sometimes confrontation in unavoidable. As a recent example, a Fed Ex package was lost in the mail, and I was the sender. After already having gave them plenty of information and the mailing address, the customer service at FedEx refused to speak with me about the lost package claim until I had given my complete and full real name.

Paraphrased call-log:

“Me: I have already given you the mailing address and the tracking information, it is obvious per the tracking the package is lost. Can’t you help me?”

“FedEx Rep (with heavy foreign accent): YOUR FULL REAL NAME SIR!”

I’m not mailing anything illegal, but I still find this intrusion of my privacy offensive. Ultimately I had to give up my information in order to complete a package claim, but I feel like I got data-raped for something as simple as claiming a lost package when I already have the receipt.

Even simple calls to stores are becoming the same way, they refuse to talk with you unless you have given them your FULL name. No longer will they accept first-name basis.

Privacy Galaxy!