Is it possible my health insurance company knows I was searching for mental health resources and suicide hotlines?

I posted this elsewhere and when I log in from my real account, it says the post was removed. I hope this is an appropriate question for this subreddit.

I know my phone ‘spies’ on me. I get the targeted ads based on web searches and even from speaking near my phone or on the phone to someone (everything I look up about the voice recognition thing says that’s not a thing, but I know it is; too many coincidences). I understand about cookies and tracking and such on computers.

That being said, I have never even logged in to my health insurance site from my home computer, which I’ve only had two months. And have never done so from my phone’s web browser. I don’t have an app for it. I HAVE logged in from my work computer, but have never done mental health or suicide-related searches from the work computer.

About 2 weeks ago I was having a very low weekend (I have some ongoing mental health challenges) and spent several hours on my home computer trying to access a suicide hotline chat and also chatting on reddit some. Did quite a few searches about the subject.

No surprise then that Facebook started up suicide-awareness-and-prevention ads.

But in the last couple of days my health insurance provider has been texting me. Telling me they want to help me ‘manage stress and increase healthy behaviors.“ And "everyone needs a little support once in a while. A counselor can work with you privately…” Things like this. They have never once texted me before.


Edit: There is nothing in my health record regarding mental health because I do not and have not sought treatment. So I don’t think they know ‘that way’ either.

Privacy Galaxy!