Why the Las Vegas Shooting Was a Security Agency’s Nightmare

Why the Las Vegas Shooting Was a Security Agency’s Nightmare:

“The first reports about the horrific attack
in Las Vegas on Sunday night will surely evolve into more detailed
knowledge. But there are three lessons we might draw from the
information already available. First, automatic rifles like the one the
shooter apparently used have the potential to kill large numbers of
people, particularly when aimed at a crowd in a confined space. Second, a
shooter positioned in a high-rise building hundreds of meters away can
render moot many of the security measures now used to protect crowds.
And third, despite what gun advocates tend to say in response to
shootings, it’s incredibly unlikely that any armed bystander could have
made a difference, given the distance, elevation, and darkness that
separated this shooter from his victims. These three facts made the Las
Vegas shooting a nightmare scenario for police agencies, and for the rest of us too.“

Personally, we can only think of a few things that would help:

1. Metal detectors / baggage screening in major metropolitan hotels

2. Gun control legislation banning devices that modify semi-automatic weapons to full auto, closing the automatic weapons loopholes that still exist, instituting limits on magazine capacity, and cracking down on sellers that violate the law.