Hi guys,

Wanted your take on My files aren’t reputationally sensitive (wouldn’t upload anything like that online) but are pictures of my family, old university applications, some copies of financial and legal documents, as well as some music and old tv shows that aren’t aired anymore. I’ve heard of other services where you get locked out due to copyright or whatever (these are old tracks that I once owned the cds for, but threw away years back), and don’t want to lose everything for some stupid stuff like that.

Box claims the files are encrypted at rest and in transit, but I never see them come up as a suggestion here. While they are in the US, I have nothing of interest to any state actors but don’t want some hackers getting my financial data.

Anyone have any thoughts? I have a 50GB free account with them from way back so would prefer this for free rather than paying.


Thanks in advance

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!