What’s the reason my Android is connecting to …

So I’ve recently got Net Monitor (from F-Droid). I’ve noticed some connections that are a bit odd. I’ve seen these connections a couple times before, but only posting the recent one.
I understand Android spies on me, but these addresses are pretty specific and rather unrelated to Android.
Screenshot of connections in question.
First one is just shown to be registered to an ISP in my country’s capital (seems focused on businesses, not private contracts). It’s not my ISP. I haven’t seen this before.
Second one says it’s Microsoft Azure – I’ve seen this before, why is it connecting to MS? I don’t have any MS apps.
Third one is something by SoftLayer Technologies. Haven’t seen before.
I’ve seen connections to China as well (my phone is a Chinese brand, so I’m not too surprised).
Any ideas why these connections specifically are being made? Searching for it hasn’t told me anything. Also, they always disappear from Net Monitor as soon as I look at them and minimize the app. Not sure if it’s normal or not.

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!