Question about tracking down my privacy link. …

Note: I was hoping to ask you guys for help, since you seem to know a lot more about privacy than techsupport sub. But, please let me know if you don’t want this post here, and I will delete it right away.

As you can guess, privacy is important to me in this field. If my real identity gets linked to bipolar in the internet “ether,” and companies can find it when doing background checks … disaster incoming.


I’ve had an iphone for 5 years, without any bipolar advertisements popping up. But, last month, it happened. I suspect it might be because, about 3 months ago, I began syncing my iCloud with my windows laptop for the convenience. But, could easily be that an update reset advertising options, and I forgot to re-disable all of them on my apple phone.

I’ve learned that pretty much every software company does that … especially Windows … messed up practice IMO.


(1) Windows 10 Custom-built PC gaming tower for 3 years. (2) Windows 10 HP G7-2300 laptop for 5 years.

Privacy setup: I wipe and reinstall from boot-up every 3-6 months, so no bloatware. Any windows bloatware I delete. I use a local windows account, and always disable all ad settings I can find. I also have the ad settings disabled for all my outlook/live/hotmail emails. I don’t install any HP software. I don’t use the windows app store.

Weakness: I use OneDrive and the mail/calendar app, which has bipolar-related emails and docs. Biggest is about 3 months ago I decided to download the iCloud drive for windows ( I usually just install iTunes ). It was nice for a while, but it was pretty taxing on my laptop. Plus, it made me a bit paranoid, so I uninstalled a month later ( which would be a few weeks before the bipolar add in the app store )

Apple iOS device

(1) I’ve had an iPhone for 6 years. Started with iphone5, and currently at iphone7.

Privacy setup: Apple doesn’t have nearly as many privacy options I have to hunt down, unline windows. I’m guessing that’s a good thing? I keep track of articles about updates, and always make sure ad settings stay turned off … everything from those on to those in iphone App store.

Weakness: Pretty much the whole thing with using Apple products. Can’t delete, install, or do much with the actual iOS kernel. Plus, I have all my emails, phone numbers, contacts, etc … on my iPhone. I’m trusting that Apple abides by my option setup for no ad following. Truth be told, I trust Apple more than Windows, but I don’t trust any large software company.

Plus, I’m extremely … extremely untrusting of using an android phone, even with the best adblocking software there is. Just seeing the news recently about Google sneaking in cookies onto iphones in 2012 shows their moral character … not that any of the rest are much better.


In my comcast account, I have selected the options to disable their ad tracking … but honestly doubt they care whether anyone clicks yes or no.

As far as internet use, on windows10 comps, I only use Firefox. I don’t save history, and it clears every time I close Firefox. I have the ublock origin and other privacy addons.

On iphone, I only use private mode for Safari. I’ve never used regular mode. I also make sure to run through all the delete options in the Safari app every few months.


I haven’t been able to find anything about windows sneaking info from icloud syncing, and can’t find any iphone privacy settings I might have missed. I have no idea what Comcast follows or tracks, so who knows with that. But, the ad was in my apple app store … and if it was apple, I have no idea what phone to upgrade to next year.

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!