Torguard disconnected service, didn’t explain …

Just wanted to drop a quick feedback on torguard and how my attitude changed over a single incident.

I have been their client for 5 years. For better or worse, their service was reasonably smooth.

Last night I am booting up my machine, and it prompts me to get in. That was surprising, since it usually autologins. Password doesn’t work. I go to their site, and I see that my service is “terminated”. I’m surprised. I thought I paid upfront for 2 years.

I open the ticket, and getting a reply in lines of “not sure what’s going on. were you hacking or spamming?”. Me: “no, what do your notes show?”. Tech: “i dunno, I’ll check”. Me (16 hours later): “are you gonna re-enable account?”. Tech: “okay, but that’s the last time I’m doing that”. Just like that. The guy immediately assumed I’m doing something illegal. Never tried to research what has happened. Apparently, they have a “firewall” and it has “rules” and if one of these rules trigger, they will close your service, and that is it, won’t even send you a notification by email. Service just stops working and you have to waste your weekend trying to figure out wtf. He didn’t even suggest that I should perhaps change password (maybe logon was stolen?) he just assumed whatever rule triggered the issue, that was me doing some shit. No investigation, no explanation, and then they just silently closed the ticket.

That’s a shit service. I was with them, because I thought I could rely on them for privacy. I no longer think these folks could be relied on. If their first assumption is that their customer is a crook, I don’t see them fighting hard for anyone’s privacy.

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!