Firefox extensions Scrapbook and its update Sc…

I’ve seen ScrapBook on lifehacks websites as a recommended website – and use the updated version, Scrapbook X with Firefox 56.

However, there is one problem with using this tool – it can cause 403 errors for end-users, as this discussion shows.

Some websites have blocked people’s IPs for using it, from what I’ve heard [I believe New York’s Z100 did this, but don’t quote me on it, the source was a now-deleted forum post].

ScrapBook isn’t as much of a mirroring tool as HTTrack but I believe it’s seen as a bot by some site owners.

I used to use it to archive vacation bookings I’ve made for posterity but now it’s making me concerned that sites I book things on may give me a 403 error if I use it.

Does anyone else use this extension or are you a website owner and what do you think about Scrapbook X?

I have no affiliation with the extension, and am only a user of it.

I would be interested to know what you think about this – is it a good tool, or are there better alternatives for Firefox that do the same thing?

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!