How did my personal information end up with a …

So this is the strange tale of me getting a spam catalogue out of the blue.

I had just gotten some coin collection catalogue from a company in NY, USA. The problem is, I have never had dealings with this company at all, and the catalogue was directly addressed to me and when I was looking at the trash bin near the apartment’s mail box (where people throw away their random junk mail) no copies of this seems to be in there. So it would be directly targeted to me.

I had only made one such purchase, to the Royal Canadian Mint (the official collectable coin maker of CANADA, not the US) for the Star Trek Limited edition coin, and that was that. They do send me random spam once in a while, but given that I have a business relationship with them this seems normal. And on their website (since it is semi-governmental as a Crown Corporation) their privacy states that they won’t resell my information, and I have no reason to not trust them to violate this as again kind of weird to have a Crown Corp do shady stuff on something like this.

How did this information got to a random third party site, about a year or two past my original buy of one specific thing that was kind of coins related but mainly for Star Trek gone to this NY coin place?? And clearly it was targeted much more specific than the normal spam from nearby business and what not that addresses me as “resident” or “our neighbor” or what nots.

How can I even prevent this? I don’t have any kind of business relationship with this company, no account, no past transaction, and this place seems to have been sprung overnight (or their BBB accreditation is from 2017 at least), which smells of full bullshit. Should I try and contact the Royal Canadian Mint? I mean as a Canadian Citizen I should still be treated with respect and not sold like some random for profit corporation selling data… Esp not to some fly by night shop.

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!