Bitwarden v. Enpass v. KeePass

LastPass has never sat particularly well for me. It’s just the uncomfortable feeling to know that my passwords are in the hands of a third party, no matter how strong the assurances of encryption are.

Big advantages of Bitwarden and KeePass seem to be their open-source nature. My biggest worry apart from security is how UX-friendly each are. LastPass has always been functional and reliable. KeePass’ amalgamation of different client software just seems like a complete minefield and the feature parity doesn’t seem to be close to LastPass.

Biggest selling point for me on Enpass is the ease of use and the ability to sync with Dropbox/GDrive/etc. rather than having to setup a server (Bitwarden). Not to mention this is pretty enticing too. But it’s closed-source.

Does anyone have any anecdotal experience with Bitwarden/KeePass or anything else that’s similar?

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!