Should I assume plausible denniability for hid…

I was going to attempt to learn how to setup a hidden system, so I boot up with a hidden OS, but also have another encrypted OS which I would reveal if forced to reveal a password, but while reading the LUKS documentation, they basically claim it’s a waste of time (see section 5.18):

And also found this:

And this:

So I was wondering… should I even bother with this, or just go full disk encryption as usual?

Also should I use Veracrypt or LUKS? Last time I did this was years ago with TrueCrypt, and it allowed you to use several hash algos at once, see this:

I assume Veracrypt is still similar to TrueCrypt but I never used LUKS, does LUKS allow you to use combinations? What is the strongest combination nowadays? I would use AES-Twofish-Serpent combo with SHA-512 for the hash algo, but im not sure how to do this with LUKS since it has no GUI and im still reading the long ass documentation.

Also, what’s the best way to wipe the disk nowadays? I was considering GParted and secure erase it before starting the encryption process. And once I do this, what’s the best way to start? Like, can I do this with a live Linux DVD or it has to be from an existing OS installed in the HDD? I was considering Xubuntu or Lubuntu but in the LUKS documentation it says Ubuntu could break the header file and render your disk useless…. so I don’t know what to do.

Anyone has an updated list of countries in which you aren’t forced to reveal keys? I was considering moving to Poland, Czech Republic, Spain or Italy, so specially interested on those (this is, assuming that there’s no way to properly have plausible deniability, and if there is no way to do this, then im worried every country out there will eventually have laws to force you to handle your keys to the oppressors).

I hope someone can answer all these questions, sorry for the badly structured post.

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!