Does Google track data in Incognito?

(This is copied from my /r/Google thread)

I work as a Helpdesk IT guy at an office. I separate my browsers at work for different purposes. (I.E. and Firefox for work and Chrome for personal). I use incognito mode quite often.

Today I was browsing /r/skincareaddition toward the end of my shift. This led to Amazon links and other websites which sell cosmetic items. This was my first time looking into facial care products.

This evening I got home and found two separate advertisements for acne ointments and moisturizers from Amazon. I have never had reason to search for these products before. I was not logged into Reddit, Google, or Amazon while at work.

I’m curious to know if Google stores browsing data while searching in incognito mode. If anyone has any information on the topic, I’d love to learn!

Thank you

Found here /// Privacy Galaxy!