Blocking a number from appearing on the phone …

To start, if this is in the wrong place, please let me know! I’m still pretty new to reddit and really wasn’t sure where to put this

So long story short, I’m not allowed to text my friend because his S/O is very jealous and possessive- she checks the phone bills, tracks his phone, confronts him about who he’s texting.. he doesn’t have many friends for this reason, and we’re trying to figure out a way to still be able to be friends through this.

Some of you are thinking this is wrong or unethical I’m sure, but it is what it is. This isn’t a post about ethical debate, just hoping for some technology help, and I’m hoping that can be the focus here.

We’ve looked into using texting apps like Google Voice, but he’s worried she’ll check his phone and find it, so he’d rather not download any apps for chatting (though Snapchat’s a genius suggestion). We’ve tried using carrier pigeons to send messages, but the damn birds keep bringing back other peoples’ notes.

So this is specifically to ask if there’s aaanyway to hide my number from showing up on his/their phone bill. His S/O is a manager at ATT, and I’d imagine this means she has some features and access to certain things on the account/bill that the everyday person wouldn’t be able to access.

Please tech savvy people of reddit, help me talk to my buddy (or tell me where I should move this post to find help 😂)

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