Possibility of Using Facebook Anonymously?

So I’ve committed to deleting my Facebook account, but the issue stands that I still rely on messenger to keep in touch with some important people in my life. I have a plan for using messenger anonymously, and I wanted to know if it sounds feasible.

  1. Create a new account on a VM w/ VPN and an Identity Spoofer (or Tor, if possible). If I ever need to access this account through a browser, I will do so in the same way.

  2. Give it some fake name and information

  3. Add the few people I need to communicate with, as well as other random people outside my regions/interest groups.

  4. Use the Messenger API from command line to fetch and send messages to this account.

  5. If I need to use it from mobile, configure a server at my home that I can communicate with from my phone, and have it run commands for me (Maybe later, this would be a project)

Obviously this is a lot of work to avoid getting rid of Facebook, but I would settle for minimizing my information footprint as much as possible, as these lines of communication are rather important.

Here are my questions:

  • Do you know what information Facebook can glean from API use?

  • It isn’t unreasonable to deduce my real identity from the people I regularly message, though the information footprint is already rather small. Is this something that you believe facebook would actually bother to do, or that it’s “ghost profile” linking algorithm would be able to catch?

  • Are there enough degrees of separation between my machines and facebook’s servers, or should I use other chatbots to route API calls?

Thanks guys, let me know what you think

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