Blocking Internet Access to Keyboards

Good evening folks,

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and my favorite keyboard to use is SwiftKey. I have tried Hacker’s Keyboard and all of that but it just doesn’t work as well for me as SwiftKey. This keyboard personalizes itself and its recommendations on future words by capturing what I am writing. I would like to deny it that ability. I have a firewall application on my phone that does not require a root BUT it sets up a VPN connection, which then takes away the actual VPN connection I am actually trying to use.

To make a long story short, is there another way that I can make it so SwiftKey does not have Internet access? I do not want them to personalize my recommendations any further by gathering my typing records, but I also want to be able to stay connected to my actual VPN.

Any way to do that?

Thank you

Found here