does not actually have 2FA. Beware. is a closed-source end-to-end encrypted cloud service. I have used them for over a year and the desktop client works well, the web Panel works great, while the Android (can’t speak for iPhone) app is terrible – full of bugs, not worth using. While claims to offer 2fa to their users, here is the truth: If you set up 2fa, will you be prompted for it when logging into your account from the browser, but NOT from the desktop or Android/iPhone applications. What this means is that if I have your password, I have all your files – unencrypted. All I need to do is download the client, put in your password, and bam, all your files are now mine as well.

This is not a general review of, nor a complaint about the service. If you don’t want to use closed-source cloud services, obviously you’re not going to be interested (I encrypt my files before uploading them on Sync because of this). I just wanted to let people know that’s claim to offering you the ability to “protect your account” with 2fa is, in fact, a lie, for those whose who this may be of interest.

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