Any tips to disappear from the internet ?


I actually use a nickname (not this one) that is really easy to track, if I type it in Google (it’s not a good search engine, but it’s the stronger one.), a LOT of my account are found.

Actually I just did it and in the first page: My twitter account (I don’t use it, and I will delete it soon), my steam account, my reddit account, my youtube channel (I don’t use it, and I will delete it soon), my patreon page, the social blade page of my old youtube channel, a critic of a movie in a website of my country.

That’s really bad for my privacy, so I would like to disappear from every search engine. I know that for some website I will have to make new account with random generated names (like this one for exemple), but for some website… I can’t change it… So that’s why i’m asking you, do you have any tips to disappear from the internet

Another thing that actually scare me a bit, is the fact that I read that everyone write things in some “specific” way, so some people can actually know if both message are written by the same person, I can try to “fake” my writing but I don’t think it will still be enough

(PS : Other than my nickname, I use almost only privacy friendly services, so this is almost the last step to have a real privacy)

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