How much info could a site that’s not one of t…

This is more of a discussion, but partially a request for advice on improving my browsing habits.

For a long time, I’ve read and [also, when it was, but has now migrated its content to, even though remains online] and was wondering how much information could those sort of sites get on a user – since they’re not huge sites like Facebook or Google.

What I know about is that it’s owned by CarAdvice Network, an Australian firm, and for it’s now owned by Trader Corporation in Canada.

I don’t have an login but I do have a login on [which is unrelated to and owned by the Trader Media Group in the United Kingdom].

In theory, would the likes of these companies want to sell their user data on [ does have a login system, but the other two don’t, and only has a forum] and if so, who to?

How could you keep yourself safe on smaller sites like these and not get into the mindset of “It’s not owned by the bigger corporations so I’m safe?”.

I would appreciate any advice and suggestions.

This is also a discussion as well. I would be interested to hear what you think.

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