Is this a workable privacy strategy for public…

I have seen discussions on here with advice but this is asking if a particular strategy would work.

For a public computer that is locked down by the sysadmins or on a shared computer:

  • Create an email address via, or [partially due to GMX being hosted in Germany and the privacy laws] and use a pseudonym, not an obvious one like John Smith or Jane Smith.

  • Don’t use a service like or [although Mr.Robot uses it on-screen, on a public computer it may be seen as a questionable site].

  • Don’t look at GoneWild or any type of subreddit if you do browse Reddit [stick to the cat photos or /r/Spotted]

  • Obfuscate your identity with contradictory information if you have to make a one-off post to a forum or using a Reddit throwaway.

  • Stay in-character for your pseudonym, and try not to break character.

  • Don’t browse Facebook unless you have a pseudonymous account with a real-name sounding pseudonym [although getting one is harder].

  • Never do online banking or credit card-related things in case of monitoring software and corrupt sysadmins who wish to use the data [it rarely happens, but being prepared]

  • Don’t go onto proxy sites [like hidemyass] as it could alert suspicion [I did this in 2003 to access and when a student in college aged 16, college in the United Kingdom refers to what’s an additional year of high school in the U.S., as was blocked as an adult site back then even though it isn’t.].

This is not advice – only my current practices.

I would appreciate any advice from experts on how I could improve this and where the flaws are in this privacy strategy [if you want to use this on the wiki, you may do so with no objection from me].

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