Best Password Manager for Firefox (Windows) + …

I know questions about the best password manager come up again and again, but I have specific requirements I haven’t seen mentioned in other threads. Namely:

  • Support for password import from Firefox
  • Easy to use in Firefox (like Firefox’s built-in password manager)
  • Syncing to iPhone (at least one way, ideally both ways)
  • Easy to use on iPhone (especially in iOS Safari)

I’ve seen Keeass/KeepassX/KeepassXC recommended, but it seems like syncing doesn’t really work well. I like the idea to sync using any cloud storage provider, but it seems like only SyncPass supports automatic syncing, and only via DropBox.

Bitwarden looks extremely good, but I’m skeptical to using their hosted service because it’s a single point of failure. Their self-hosting options looks interesting, but will the instance update itself? I have a simple shared linux webserver, can I just run it there (I have SSH access)? Also, should I? After all, I share that server with dozens (if not hundreds) of other webhosting clients.

Found here