Do we have any recourse against Deep Face?

Deep Face, as I’m sure you know, is Facebook’s facial recognition software that automatically scans photos uploaded to their site, so that they can auto-recognize people by their faces and automatically tag them.

I do not want Facebook to have biometric data on me, so I don’t use Facebook. The problem is, if someone takes a selfie and I happen to be in the background, they still get my biometric data.

Worse yet, I’m a writer and I recently signed a contract for my first book. It should be out this summer, and I’ll be doing book signing events at launch.

People like taking selfies. If people take selfies with me, and upload the pics to Facebook (which seems altogether likely), boom. Facebook has me.

Is there any legal recourse against Deep Face? Especially since any photos will be uploaded not by me, and without my consent.

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