How can I “undo” agreement to Google’s privacy…

I asked this question recently on another sub and got nothing but salty replies from people who seemed to be personally offended by me wanting to have some privacy; hopefully it will get a better reception here:

A friend was using my laptop recently and searched for something on Google; the window then popped up describing Google’s privacy policy, asking for the user to “agree” to the terms which I always decline. Much to my irritation, my friend clicked “I agree” on my computer.

Can someone explain to me what version of “me” is now giving this permission, and how I can undo this? Is it based on IP address? I’ve already cleared out all of my browser cookies and history and made sure that I’m logged out of all google services (I have no gmail account). I’ve also completely uninstalled firefox and then re-downloaded it from scratch, to no avail. Strangely, when I installed chrome and tested google search with it, that browser asked for my permission again –which is what I want, but on Firefox.

I even opened a private browser through a VPN, and when I search for something using Google, it still produces the search results, which means Google is still assuming it has my “permission” to do … whatever it is that they do, in exchange for using their services. It’s not as simple as just “not using Google”, since I’m sure they will be checking all kinds of other things (like, e.g. what ads get routed to my computer); I want to make sure that my “consent” is removed from whatever other tracking they’re doing. Can anyone suggest a way to “revoke” this agreement?

And just to short-circuit the same arguments I had to get into last time: I want absolutely nothing from google, I don’t use their services, I have no gmail account. I receive nothing from Google, and I am willing to give them exactly the same as what I receive –nothing. I should have the right to opt-out of Google, and if you have useful technical suggestions as how I can accomplish this, I’d be very grateful to hear them, but I don’t need to justify my reasons.

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