“We already give up our privacy to use phones,…

I’m self-posting this link to avoid editorializing, but I was absolutely stunned by the bald-faced arrogance of one of the commentators in this The Register Article

The article quotes the chief marketing officer of Otonomo. A startup company who aim to “create new revenue streams across the connected-car ecosystem.” according to their ‘about’ page.

She says:

“Don’t listen to me in my car, but if God forbid I’m in an accident, make sure you have all the data to save my life.”

Car accidents as a potential revenue stream – nice. Lovely of her to wish people who would decline to enrich her company an agonizing death.

She adds that privacy concerns appear to be fading, based on surveys she has carried out for technology companies over two decades and her children’s relaxed attitudes. “I would argue that the people, the demographic who are really nervous about privacy are going to stop driving pretty soon, and the people getting behind the wheel are more digital natives,”

(Emphasis mine). Here she seems to consider all privacy focused individuals as being on death’s door, and won’t be a problem for much longer. And her children are somehow ‘smarter’ because they’re happy to share anything with anyone.

There’s a lot about privacy and some quite sensible use-cases listed on their website but then come the inevitable lucrative monetization opportunities:

  • In-car offerings and targeted advertising
  • Data analytics for store location and opening hours optimization

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