Chromium: is it really all that bad?

I ask because Firefox, although it might be great for privacy “enthusiasts” and geeks, is just such a pain to use. It’s noticeably slower to render pages (on my machine, anyway) than Chromium, and the UI, while it’s always been clunky and unintuitive, is even worse now than it was before the recent big update. For example, it takes three clicks to get me to a list of my recently closed tabs. And then you have Mozilla putting in things nobody asked for (well not the users, anyway), like the Mr Robot add-on, Pocket, and resetting our search engines to Google.

Is there really some compelling reason for me to keep using Firefox? I still use it because I don’t like the idea of having everything I do online tracked by advertisers and data brokers, and because I don’t particularly like the idea of one company having so much power over not only the Web, but also the software we use to access the Web… but I’m almost at the point where I don’t care anymore, if that means not having to use Firefox.

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