Bulletmail.org Users

Any bulletmail.org users out there having problems sending emails or using the service in general? I’d been using their email service for about 6 months without a problem and since about 3 weeks ago I began getting timeout errors from their SMTP server. Since then, I haven’t been able to send emails from any of my accounts.

The most concerning part, though, is that I’ve attempted to contact them three different times. Once through the site’s contact form, another through admin@bulletmail.org, the third through their Facebook page, and I’m still waiting for some kind of reply. All of their social media has been quiet since last year which is far from reassuring. Even though their servers seem to be hosted in the US, the fact that they are a company based in Romania would make it difficult to find out what is their current situation. (I live in the US)

If anyone knows anything relevant, feel free to share. If they are down indefinitely then I’d like to be as sure as possible about it before I move emails AGAIN.

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