Am I good with this setup?

Threat Model: No One! I’m 16.

IM: Only Signal, for WhatsApp I simply run parallel space on my mom’s device because she is not going to switch anytime soon.

WhatsApp is a necessity because my institution has a WhatsApp group where they share important announcements.

Mail: Tutanota besides Disroot Mail.

Cloud: Disroot’s NextCloud Instance. I might stop using it altogether and use syncthing instead but as of now I have only 1 device (android) and I want my files even if my house is on fire, so I keep a copy in the cloud.

Pass Manager: Master Password, might switch to KeePass if I ever decide to use 64 char passwords.

OS: Stock Rom, Rooted and removed all the blob.

Firewall: AFWall+ and some rules in hosts files.

Browser: Waterfox

No Social Media.

HookTube instead of YouTube.

Am I good?

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