I’ve built an image sharing site, I wanted to …

I built a simple site to share pictures. Originally it was for my own use since most image sharing sites are bloated with ads and stuff. I don’t necessarily mind that it’s just that they load like garbage. I figured other people may find it useful too.

It has no register option, no ads, very little javascript(works fine without it too, it’s there mostly for quality of life, feel free to disable it, it won’t impact functionality at all) and no tracking of any sort.

The site itself is very simplistic and I intend to keep it that way.

There’s no functionality for searching images, meaning if you know the url for a image then you can access it, if not, well that’s life.

Indexing is disallowed(by legit bots at least, I can’t stop malicious ones from indexing).

Anyway, you can find it here: https://imgdjinn.com/

Also if you wanna dabble in the source code, have at it.

At some point in time I may add oyster protocol(it basically replaces ads). But I’ll probably add an option to ask for usage before the script is included. Either way, I’m not sure about how they treat privacy so it’s debatable.

If you find any bugs, please do tell me about them. I’m just one guy, I can’t catch them all.

Also, for the love of God, please don’t upload illegal stuff.


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