Privacy and cybersecurity in the forseeable fu…

I am a lawyer who works with startups and have looked into several areas surrounding privacy (COPPA, T&C, etc.) as they relate to client needs. I find these issues interesting and have started diving in-depth into “cybersecurity” generally by reading as much as I can and looking into possible certifications (IAPP). Before I get too far, I wanted to ask:

*1. Thoughts on privacy and cybersecurity in the foreseeable future? I understand cybersecurity is a catch-all term, encompassing many sub-fields.. Are these fields ripe for growth? Doomed to stagnation through governmental regulation? Basically, is this an optimal time to work in a privacy related field (versus say AI or machine learning)?

*2. Is a technical certification, such as Security+, worth it? If so, which one(s)? How about basic knowledge in computer science?

*3. The best literature to learn from? Right now, I am reading “Cybersecurity Law” by Jeff Kosseff.

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