Wanting To Switch Password Manager But Unsure …

For the longest time, I have been using SafeInTheCloud to store login information and other personal information.

I am currently looking for a new password manager to use, as SafeInTheCloud can be very cluttered and isn’t really heard about in review articles and such.

I would love to get a password manager with a nice looking UI for both my Android and my PC. I tried the demo for 1Password, and while it was nice… it did not allow me to design my own templates. It was also not very condensed on the Windows app.

I really like my SafeInTheCloud custom templates, not to mention the windows-app allows me to right-click anywhere to quickly perform actions.

I thought about KeePass but it looks like it doesn’t allow custom templates either. It also seems pretty damn cluttered.

I’m looking for a Password Manager that:

  • Allows me to read/write from multiple devices.
  • Allows me to create fully customizable templates.
  • Preferably sync to some online service.
  • Quick to use, and easily organized.
  • With all above, isn’t too expensive.

I’ve looked at a few reviews but unfortunately none of them seem to really cover what I am looking for.

Found here