What are some of the must-have steps when wipi…

Hey /r/privacy, I recently initiated an (almost) full online history wipe, also I’d like to care for my personal data a lot more in the future. My goals are the following: – Erase as many data as possible from my previous Facebook-, Microsoft- and Google-accounts (and many other: this is a new reddit account of mine aswell) – Clean my devices from all the spy programs and tracers – Minimize the amount of personal data I share of myself in the future – However, I still must possess a Facebook and Google account for my work-related projects.

I have done the following steps so far: – I downloaded Brave as my primary browser, using the strictest privacy settings possible; – I made myself a new email on Protonmail; however, I’m not sure if I will stay there, because I cant integrate it to my email client (and I really like using email clients); – I’ve downloaded all my data from Facebook (it was a scary amount), and I’m going to delete (not suspense) my account of five years.

My questions are the following: – I think I can handle Facebook, but what can I do about getting my personal data from Google and Microsoft? I have several google accounts mainly used for the Drive, and I use Microsoft Office as my email, also I have Windows 10. I have no illusions, I know I can’t just have full privacy, but how can I tighten the collars on these two? – Is there a software which effectively removes cookies, tracing programs, and such? Is there a good “Privacy Manager” software available? (I have checked PB already, anything besides those?) – What should I look out for when making my new FB and Google accounts? I have to upload a minimum amount of personal data, but I will not going to be more active than I must. – What else would you look out for? I have the following accounts: Paypal; LinkedIn; Instagram; Steam.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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