You know who does creepier stuff with your dat…


Chances are, your ISP has been repeatedly caught sucking up all your clicks, and also chances are that it’s a de facto arm of the US spy network, making bank selling your data to the NSA; AT&T has proposed charging you hundreds of dollars extra a year not to spy on you; Comcast wants to do the same.

Of course, Obama’s FCC put some minor curbs in place to minimize the collection and sale of your data by your ISP, but then the GOP destroyed even those – and then California Democrats killed a state-level plan to protect your data.

So please #DeleteFacebook, but then remember that your ISP is the
original creeper, and your Congressjerk is probably in their pocket, and
make that a midterm election issue. We can’t win all the really
important fights – climate, racial justice, sexual and gender justice,
inequality – without an internet to organize with, so we must take the net back to secure those other victories.