Some of you may already know, but many may not…

Warning be careful what you download especially if it is a Chinese created app, they may indeed by siphoning off computer processing power (less serious) to actually downloading your personal pictures/documents/proprietary I.P. (very serious)

Two apps particular do things really sketchy:

  • 1. Alibaba Trade Manger Messenger (kinda like a instant messenger). Downloaded from official repository and installs fine. You think that it’s like every other messenger app, NO, it actually installs a server that can be logged into and it runs regardless if you have the app running or not. Running wireshark you see many connections to foreign (China) IPs with a constant stream of data going on one direction.

  • 2. A windows app called Clover. Extremely nice app to have on windows systems which allows you to have tabs in a window. So instead of having to keep opening windows for this and that, everything can be housed in one window/folder and you could just open up multiple folder tabs. Very convenient when working out of multiple folders. Well, same thing, since it has to install as a constant on going service/program since it is constantly interacting with window directly. Well with wireshark up this app has multiple connections to foreign IPs (China) and even more information is being transferred then with the alibaba app.

At least with the Alibaba app you may say ahhhhh it needs to have a connection to the server etc, but with clover there is no reason for it to be connecting to foreign IPs and transferring data multiple times a day.

  • 3. Sidenote, be very careful of online financial apps/websites such as XERO and such. They are not held at the same liability as your local CPA and in-fact even in their privacy policy they sell your data mining entities to purposely pry into your financials. And you agree to all of this by signing up for these services. Xero as an example used to have a phone number you could call, when you called actual American’s as an example (or native English speakers) picked up for support etc. Now number is gone, if you constant support you will be lucky to get a response even within a week of what their automated reply back system says, and now it is own partly or even maybe wholly by Chinese interest even though it is supposedly a New Zealand company. Be careful there seems to be many companies that are acting even more shady when it comes to information as if it is a drug that they constantly need more of to share with their friends.

They even state in their privacy policy that you can request all that they know of you. Good luck getting that, have had multiple people who were currently subscribers to send e-mails (only choice) requesting this information and not one even received a reply back ever. And this was to their official privacy e-mail that’s there for that very purpose.

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