What information is most important to include …

Online privacy is an important subject matter to me. To anyone who pulls out the “I’ve got nothing to hide” argument, I always immediately ask if I can have their phone and read their WhatsApp messages or scroll through their Google search history.

I put a lot of effort into a recent video called THEY KNOW EVERYTHING! which ultimately starts out, “This is what Google and Facebook know about me…” It’s not directly travel related but I published it to my travel channel because I think the subject matter is important for everyone – not just travelers but including them as well.

The end of the video asks, “So what’s the solution?” and that’s what I wanted to get your opinion about because I’m beginning to work on the follow-up video.

What do you feel are the most important things to convey about the solution to online privacy for the layman to understand?

And what are the best actionable steps that they could take to better protect their own online privacy in this moment?

I appreciate any input from the experts in this sub. Thank you.

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