Be warned! Temp agencies (Addeco specifically)…

I recently got a new phone number, under an account with who I share no relation to. I have NEVER given this number out to anyone except a friend and my parents. They don’t use Facebook/social media apps at all, and I know for a fact didn’t share it with anyone else.

I get a job with a temp agency, which by the way, was a very data intrusive process, and I was pretty disgusted by it. No other employer asked me for that much data ( I half truthed and lied about what I could).

So, beyond a reasonable doubt, Adecco was the only company that had my number. Not even a week later I’m getting phone calls from a debt collector looking for someone close to me.

I’m wondering how on earth did they get my number?? Then, it rang a bell. These agencies must be selling your data, and most use ADP for payroll, and those bastards even sell your paystub data!

Obviously, I have since changed my number, and got a much better job since.

Just thought it was a little disconcerting. The times we live in. I’m kind of a privacy nut. I run ad+tracker blockers on my home network, and my phone, use encrypted messaging, use DNSCrypt, rotate though VPNs regularly, do not use Google play services on my phone, buy things online with prepaid cards, receive packages with a fake name ( important mail that is in my name goes somewhere else).

I shouldn’t have to virtually hide from these damn ad/stalking agencies.

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