I remember my first (and maybe only) run in wi…

When I was in college around 2009, I worked at the local big-corporate pharmacy. When picking up a prescription, it was routine to ask the person for their name and date of birth to make sure you’re sending them home with the right person’s medications.

I’ll always remember this one guy who would get irate when you asked for the date of birth. He would say “That’s private information!” but policy was to not turn over medications without some identifier. An address was acceptable, but not preferred. He would always refuse to confirm that as well. He would be willing to show his ID to confirm the date of birth, so maybe he was more concerned about eavesdroppers.

One other encounter stands out with him. He came to purchase Sudafed for his wife and was annoyed when the purchase required ID. For anyone here who has bought Sudafed in the US knows that it’s not just a “show-your-ID-okay-we’re-good” process. Your entire ID gets entered into the Sudafed system. He wasn’t having it, but eventually succumbed. I remember he had a sticker covering his address on his license.

I remember everyone that worked there talking about how weird and paranoid he was. Now I look back and feel like he knew what was going on and was already ahead of the game.

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