Australia: Opt-out period for MyHealthRecord (…

Important points:

  • Period is from July 16, to October 15 (three months).

  • Opting out in this period means your data will be deleted.

  • If you opt-out after the period, then your record will not be deleted, just put in an “inaccessible” state.

  • This opt-out system will also include an opt-out option for your (“anonymised”) data being released for use by researchers and other third parties. Between now and the end of this period, the release of your data to third parties may be changed to an opt-in system… But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that front.

  • This data will be centralised, and largely controlled by a government who has proven time and again that it has no idea whatsoever how to secure it’s data on its citizens.

SMH article

I can get my other sources if people want, though it doesn’t take much searching to find this…

When this period comes around, please do your part to let friends, family, and anyone else you can reach to know about this. I know I will be.

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