uMatrix now blocking opening Aol Mail.

It’s actually uBlock and uMatrix both. Aol must’ve changed something in their injected advertising. I now get this navigating to

If you tell uBlock to temporarily let it through, you get the uMatrix block.

Running uBlock, uMatrix and NoScript (allow all, block XSS)

I can go to (logged in or not) but there’s no way get to the inbox.

Firefox 60, developer.

Anyone know how to remediate this? I’m a uMatrix/uBlock novice.

Update. Found a solution, don’t know how good it is Re: privacy.

If I set uBlock Origin to temporarily allow “”, then when I get to the uMatrix block, in the uMatrix “drop-down”, I “GREEN” “”, then AOL mail loads. Once that’s done, I open uMatrix preferences, and in the “My Rules” tab, I can delete the permission for “”.

Once logged into AOL mail, the problem does not recur. However, since AOL mail expires your login frequently (12-24 hrs?), I suppose I’ll have to go thru this every time. Less than optimal.

Found here