Reddit: The New Facebook

Hello /r/privacy. I am posting this as a simple sumup of where we are at with First off, Reddit’s official applications for the site are all proprietary, not open source, yet the claim to be pro open source… That makes zero sense as even their website’s not open source. Second, data minning. If you use no script perhaps you see where this is going perhaps not. Reddit allows ad trackers, google analytics, and even has their own user data analytics who mine your data (posts, subs, downvotes/upvotes, etc) and then use that data to target you with adds, and sell the data too. If you think that is not true, you have missed A LOT. Reddit always actively works to make using tor on their site impossible, they have added key loggers and third party cookies as well. Reddit is no more privacy friendly or secure than Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site. They even sell put their users for a cheap buck. They have bden warned SOOO MANY times. This is where we are. Welcome, to 1984’s new social media site….

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