Should I use Tor?

Hey guys, I am new to this privacy thing and I want to ask some questions:

– I am using Linux Mint 18.3, switch from windows. How safer is this OS vs windows?

– I am going to use protonmail for email (I know that email providers aren’t trustworthy and you really wonder if you’re the product if something’s for free but hey, I don’t have anything to hide on my email but I prefer protonmail over Google and Yahoo)

– I will install and use Tor as a primary browser (is it a good substitute for not being able to afford a VPN/100% secure browsing?)

Also how safe is Tor? and is it usable as a primary browser? Do I have to configure some stuff in Tor for security? Are there any security problems/the ability to get hacked by deepweb hackers? (Won’t enter deepweb), but I am taking all possibilities.

Also is it safe registering accounts on a Tor browser?

Thanks for reading!

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