What’s the best email service providers that a…

Hello guys I am doing an internet suicide soon and I must take care of my privacy. My threat model is that someone who I used to know on the internet has decided to stalk me. He is not a hacker but could pay one, who knows?

What’s the best way to make sure I am not being stalked? So far:

– I have switched from Windows to Linux.

– I have deleted every account I had at the time of the incident and resurfaced w/a fake name.

– I changed my emails from mainstream ones to Protonmail

– Soon I’ll get a new phone and a new number.

– I started using super strong passwords now

– I have set any account I make to private

– I have no social media accounts

– Any search results about me on google/other services are vague, only one search result has something with my name, and it’s an account I only used for 2 days back in 2010(!) that has no information on it other than my FIRST name. THAT the stalker already knows.

What to do?

I have torrented some martial art course training (I am using Linux mint). Could this have a virus or it’s Linux + video content anyway?

Found here