Is Bitwarden a credible password manager?

So as of right now, I don’t really use password managers, i’ve tried lasspass a bit, but I was skeptical especially after what I read about them in terms of using them to store everything.

Then I did some more research, heard about Dashlane, 1password, etc. Both seem alright, but I haven’t heard many recommendations actually looking around for Dashlane, and i’ve heard some people don’t really like 1password, so idk.

I look into Keepass a bit too, and it sounds good, but frankly, it’s a bit of an eyesore for sure, and the setup process does seem a bit intimidating to be honest, but I have heard from those who use it that it’s secure atleast.

Then I heard about Bitwarden, which i’ve heard high praise about, atleast initially.

After doing some extra research, I discovered there was an issue that lead to a lot of issues awhile ago, it was apparently patched, but I still am unsure if it is a safe manager or not? I’ve heard some people who still deeply support it, and some who believe the devs are incompetent at this point, so i’m unsure what to think, especially without any 3rd party audits I could find.

But I do really like pretty much everything else about Bitwarden besides my worries about it, which I guess are amplified as someone who, again, doesn’t really use password managers.

So Tl;dr, how good is Bitwarden, and how safe is it? At the very least, is it more safe than not using a password manager? I have been trying to educate myself on the password manager field, but there is quite a lot to take in i’ll admit.

thanks in advance.

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