Was told today that the cameras surrounding ev…

Someone was fired recently for boasting about stealing and when they were ultimately fired (rightfully) they were told by the boss that the CCTV cameras (there are about 10 of them in a building the size of a small gas station) record audio and thats how they busted him. I started to state that this was illegal but I wasn’t sure and someone google searched it and some brief paragraph at the top of google search said that employers are allowed to record video and audio but I thought it was only video and explained thats why most CCTV footage found online is video only. So I started to think back to all the shit I’ve said in the past loudly that i guess my boss’s have all heard because they watch the cameras from their house and it’s nothing to worry about but this is extremely unsettling to think not only can they see every move we make but they can also hear it

I live in the USA and google isn’t giving me many answers

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