YouTube PSYCHIC Recommendations

I went to sleep thinking about playing Rimworld for the first time in a year and wouldn’t you know it when I woke up one of the first recommended YouTube videos was a Rimworld video. I haven’t watched Rimworld videos or gotten recommendations for them in over 6 months. The only explanation is that Google is reading our minds. Here are some reasonable alternative explanations that I will not believe no matter how much sense they make:Frequency Illusion – I’ve been getting occasionally recommended them and just don’t remember because I haven’t been playing the game so they’ve been unimportant to meLittlewood’s Law – This just happened to be the vastly improbable thing that happened to me this monthMy OCD often presents itself as paranoia, so I’m more likely to latch onto explanations that involve a conspiracy of some sortI’m tech-savvy and privacy-conscientious enough to be subscribed to and posting in r/privacy, so I see this sort of discussion happening all the time and my brain is primed to use it as an explanationI have a YouTube problem and get recommended hundreds of videos a day. “One of the first videos I got recommended” actually means “One of the first 200 videos I scrolled past today”. Related to point 1. I definitely don’t remember most of these videosI hate the idea of Google because they’re a symbol of all my anxieties surrounding privacy, data collection, and government surveillance…It’s definitely psychic mega corporations, though /s