Privacy as a product

​Hey folks.I’m one of those people who is naturally more private and also paranoid about the incredible amount of “public” data thats readily available about each and every one of us – all online and sold by these data broker companies. You’d think a person who doesn’t use FB etc wouldn’t have much of an internet footprint but in reality, living in America is all that is necessary for tons and tons of data to be generated and shared without your permission (ever read a bank/credit card privacy policy? Notice how most of the “sharing” cannot be opted out?)I realize I’m just a peon and cannot take on the likes of mega behemoths that collect and monetize our information. But I still want to do what I can to address this problem of too much info shared without our permission. I am passionate about privacy because I consider it to be a basic human right. In a democracy, citizens should have some measure of privacy while the government should be more transparent and accountable to us. Right now, the situation is the opposite (but I digress).Most of us are private citizens, so how is it reasonable that any random nosy person, troll, enemy, stalker can find information related to anyone’s current and past addresses, email, phone number, relatives/associates, and income, simply by paying one of these data brokers or even searching databases for free because the websites rely on ad revenue? Furthermore, if the information is incorrect, the individual’s reputation may be harmed without the individual ever knowing it. It is not possible to correct these information without providing MORE information to these data brokers. The harm isn’t insignificant. I find it endlessly frustrating that the treasure trove of personally identifiable public data is used by bad actors to dox innocent people, is used by abusers to find their escaped victims, or is used by identity thieves to commit fraud.Since I am so passionate about privacy as a basic, human right, I thought I should turn it into a business. I want to help people remove as much of their personal information from as many data broker websites as possible. I’m sure there is a niche market. Is this a product/service that some of the good people of reddit would be interested in? I realize it’s the exact opposite of what all the other companies are doing, which is to maximize data generation and drilling down to the nitty gritty of individuals.​Currently, there seems to be only ONE company providing anything similar to this service. But I think I can add value. I believe I can offer the service at a lower price point, and reduce costs and labor by automating where possible.Many of the data broker websites make opting out difficult, with lots of hoops to jump through. It is not in their interest to let individuals opt themselves and their entire friends and family network out of the database. I would be willing to take on the painful work of opting out on behalf of clients for a reasonable fee.​Funding:I’m self-funding, but it would be great to have more cash. I priced it out and I don’t believe the startup cost would be too high in the grand scheme of things. Do you think kickstarter or indigogo are good places to fund a company whose product is a service, and not necessarily a consumer good? If it were possible, I’d love to build software that can take care of this but that requires a lot more work and research.​Collaboration/Assistance:I’m thinking of reaching out to EFF (eletronic frontier foundation) but I want to build a MVP first.​What do the good people of reddit think of this service/business?