Employer Health Insurance privacy question?

I currently have heath insurance through my employer – small business approx 30 employees. They want to move to a different company. They seem to be using some sort of broker. They have asked me to fill out a form giving health information and a release for all information to the broker to share with third parties for 2.5 years.I have two issues with this.First. The health questionnaire, which asks for all information is to go directly to the business manager who will then fax it to the insurance broker. ie my employer is asking me to give them directly a comprehensive outline of all my medical information. I don’t want to do that. And I wonder if they can legally do this.Second. I don’t like the privacy conditions of the release to the broker. I’ve been able to find information about this and I gather that it’s suboptimal but legal. This is a secondary concern.Right now, my plan is to just opt out of the insurance plan, and get my own insurance. But I’d appreciate it if anyone can give me more information. Thanks.Below is the relevant section of the questionaireMEDICAL INFORMATION (REQUIRED)Y/N Are you or any dependent disabled, hospital confined, or pregnant? If pregnant, due date //__ Y/N Are you or any eligible dependent receiving treatment, taking medication, receiving follow up care; scheduled for or awaiting results of any tests, biopsies, precedures or lab work; been advised to have a test; or been advised of a condition that will require attention in the next twenty-four (24) months? Y/N Have you or any eligible dependent used tobacco products in the past twelve (12) months? Y/N Have you or any eligible dependent ever been declined, postponed, ridered, or rated up for medical, disability, or life insurance with another insurance carrier? If yes, please explain. Y/N In the past five (5) years have you or any elibible dependent to be insured had any symptoms, diagnosis, consultation, testing, treatment, follow-up care, or taken any medication or received counceling for: a. Y/N Cancer/Tumor b. Y/N Kidney Disorder c. Y/N Stroke d. Y/N Immune System Disorder e. Y/N Arthritis/Back/Joint Disorder f. Y/N Intestinal/Digestive Disorder g. Y/N Diabetes h. Y/N Liver Dosorder/Hepatitis i. Y/N Systemic Lupus/Multiple Sclerosis j. Y/N Mental disorder, Alcohol/ Drug Abuse k. Y/N Heart/Blood/Vascular Disorder/Hypertension l. Y/N Birth Defects/Congenital Disorder m. Y/N Infertility n. Y/N Respiratory/Lung o. Y/N Organ/Tissue Transplants p. Y/N Neurological Disorder q. Y/N Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)/AIDS Related Complex (ARC)/HIVPlease provide details to “Yes” answers, including information regarding last doctor visit and/or physical examination and all mediations taken. (attach extra pages if needed with signature and date)Question/Letter Name Ilness/Impairment Treatment Dates Medication/Treatment/surgery/Physician.