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I am kinda shocked how naive the online-tutori…

For now I just use system fonts or remote fonts of ‘’.Are there any other good alternatives to Google Fonts?

Librem 13 or Thinkpad?

I need a new laptop which I will be using for both school and personal. I want to install Linux on it and I was wondering what would be a better choice – the Librem 13 (not librerootable but still privacy-focused) or a librerootable thinkpad (can use libreboot but isn’t designed for privacy). I’d like to have some processing power for some on-the-go games but I would like to know which would be a better choice.

Someone should make a sub called RealisticPriv…

The idea being you can ask things like “what are some things I can use in place of the Facebook app” Or “how can I harden windows"And you’ll get responses from people with some level of social awareness who actually offer to help with your situation. You can’t ask anything in this sub without a bunch of neckbeard extremists telling you how you absolutely must run Linux, tails, never use a smartphone, and if you don’t spend every waking moment acting like you’re trying to hide from a federal agency then you shouldn’t even try being private at all.This madness has to stop. Some people don’t want maximum privacy. They just want more privacy, and they don’t want to be chastised every time they come onto this fucking subreddit.

Looking for Suggestions: Contact Relationship …

I’m new to the idea of contact management and am interested in better managing my personal relationships (sending birthday cards on time, etc) and also launching my own business. Keeping track of client information and when I last contacted them will be key. I’ve seen numerous CRM database software online like Cloze, but don’t want to hand over all my data. Is there a privacy-minded way to organize and manage contact info? Access Database? An Excel spreadsheet? Some paid software?

Chat Room Apps like KIK

What other chat type apps such as Kik are out there that are secure. Ones where you can search for public groups and stuff. I’m not talking about Signal or Wire or anything that replaces personal SMS.Is KIK relatively good?

Tech companies are ‘spying on pupils through w…

Tech companies are ‘spying on pupils through webcams’ using software designed to tackle extremism:

Tech companies are ‘spying on pupils through webcams’ using software designed to tackle extremism

Why The Government Shouldn’t Break WhatsApp

Why The Government Shouldn’t Break WhatsApp:

Why The Government Shouldn’t Break WhatsApp

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook,…

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon:

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon

The 15 things I did to take back my privacy in…

Here is a list of things I’ve done in 2018 to achieve perfect privacy (or close to it as possible):Removed camera’s from phone. I now use a hand held camera for occasional selfies. Its socially awkward but worth it.Removed mics from motherboards. I now use a set of plug in mic earphones when I need to make calls.Switched to an alternative OS for my phone (aside from Android or iOS)Purchased a VPN subscription from a reputable provider (to largely avoid commercial surveillance)I use countries with strong privacy laws as an access point for my VPN to avoid data collectionOpted out of all data collection done by commercial business (i.e bank, insurance etc…)I froze all consumer reports of me from data brokersBegan to use a re-loadable VISA/MC debit card to prevent my purchases from being trackedUsed Faraday tape to block out the GPS on the motherboard of my phone, I now use a GARMIN GPS unitCreated a personalized one time pad (OTP) cipher for writing sensitive information I don’t want companies to know. This cipher is unbreakable and has stood the test of time for over a century. Not even a quantum computer could break a OTP cipher. Its a pain in the ass to use but worth the added privacy.I de-Google myself at every opportunity. If there a product that is as good or better than what Google has, I automatically go it. Google is and will continue to be the biggest obstacle to common sense privacy.I no longer use social media whatsoeverI am cognizant of how much time I spend on the Internet, Internet addiction is real and controlling it can add to overall privacy.I read terms and conditions and especially the privacy policy of companies. You’d be surprised at what can be tucked in there. This has helped me make informed decisions on the services I wish to use and on what terms.I creating accounts with incorrect information. I use the wrong gender, age, region etc… to prevent targeted advertising. No company will want to sell you products if you live in a remote, underdeveloped place and happen to be 97 years old.​​

Privacy and Linux Gaming

I am going to give gaming on Linux a go and I was wondering if there is anything, like Steam or WINE, which might undermine my privacy? Are their any programs which should be avoided when gaming on Linux?