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So, a while ago I started having serious privacy concerns on whether my data was being propperly used by the services I used or not. Unsurprisingly, Google and Facebook were the ones that worried me the most, even after reading almost their whole privacy policy. It was obvious that behind their pretty “pushing the Internet forward” masks there was an insatiable – and even paranoid would I say – need for data. The more private, the better.For context, I have only been an Android user for 2 years (Nov. 2015 – Nov 2017). Got my iPhone X last year and I didn’t have plans to going back to Android, but after what I’m going to tell you, I can 100% ensure you I will never, ever, go back to it.As a first step, I went through all the data that Google could have about me. There were things that surprised me, as I would have never expected Google to know that, such as if I was stepping down of my car. Knowing that kind of data requires a lot of inputs and post-processing. Although I have to say that most of the information could be expected by anyone as long as you knew what Google really is: a data miner.So I spent quite some weeks (haven’t finished yet, and it’s been about 6 months now, as many times Google refuses to give support or answer my questions) diving into every single option, hidden link and toggle that my brain could think of. The process was mostly smooth and straightforward: search, delete, wait a couple of days, check back. Everything but meaningfull information was gradually deleted, as I’m still forced to have a Google account because of YouTube (I don’t make videos, but not having the subscription system is a dealbraker. I’m still working on it and might have a solution soon.There’s a piece of data though that I didn’t delete due to personal need of it: Google Maps’ timeline. That thing is incredible, right? It tracks every one of your trips so you can later on have an idea of where you have been, for how long, and so on. To a normal user, who doesn’t have any special care for its privacy, that would be a great tool since it is like having an assistant with you 24/7. Well today, on September the 23rd, 2018 at about 9 AM (CEST) I decided I no longer needed that data stored but, in case I did, I asked Google for a copy of my timeline so I could have a local copy of it.Once I got it, I realized the file was 100 MB. At first glance it seemed like a lot to me, but assumed it would have rich text/data rather than what I would (and have) describe as “enough data to scare me”. Well, I was wrong. It is a .json file that I first tried to open with WordPad, and overwhelmed by the amount of lines that were written in there, I tried to open it with Microsoft’s Word. At first it seemed to work, but while it was processing pages, once it reached the 3000 page mark it crashed. There was obviously much more than that. Due to my inexperience in with this file format, I made a quick search in the Internet and found out that Notepad++ could be a good option. It was. But that’s not the point of this post.The file has over 4.4 million lines!That is insane. And if that didn’t sound like a lot to you, let’s distribute it in a daily basis. There are 4466627 lines. Each sample takes, in average, 10 lines (there are ones that take 6, others that take about 15). That’s 4466627/10 = 446662 (445K samples). Taking in account the first sample is from Nov. 28th 2015 and the last (while on Android as I kept using maps for a few weeks, but there are only 154 samples) is from Nov. 12th 2017 we can say that about (4466627/716) = 623 samples were collected per day (!!!!!). Now that has driven me crazy. “What would Google need so much data for?” and “How is it possible that such an enormous amount of information has been gathered only about my location?” are some of the question that my brain started bombarding me with. I am really freaking out. I am going to investigate that further, as I’m absolutely sure there’s much more to it than a simple data collection and classification.I’m aware about the posts that popped up a couple of weeks ago stating that “Android devices” collected 10 times more data than iOS ones, but I really never imagined this could reach such a big scale.​I’m not sure if this is a topic people want to know about, or if anyone here is willing to discuss/give some knowledge about it, but I felt that it was important to post some meaningful and tangible data to give everyone a very small peek at what’s going on with the Internet.

I need advice, people with technical and secur…

I’m looking to run a secure Virtual Machine, I need advice on what OS is preferable and what other tools I should be using to keep anonymity the best i can – I already have a VPN I’m satisfied with PIA.

I’m mostly planning to use this for non illicit posting and communication, so I guess protecting my identity is more important than actually having it be secure.

Thanks for reading this, doubly so If you give me input!

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